UPSE CSE Comprehensive Prelim cum Main program 2020-21.
(online program)

FACULTY : Mrs. Sosin Thayyaba Revella & Team

Program Fee : Rs 1,70,000/- [Including taxes]

Duration of course 9 months

Course Curriculum:

The course encompasses all the stages and components of the exam.


  1. Preliminary- General Studies & CSAT

  2. Mains- General Essay, All papers of GS, Ethics & Optional Subjects. Currently we are offering the optional subjects of Anthropology and Geography

  3. Interview preparation

The above are held in the following format and timelines.

Regarding Optional

Anthropology– By Sosin Ma’am.

She is the Founder Director of the institute. She has multi dimensional and inter disciplinary experience, having over 17 years of exposure with UPSC CSE. She guided a cool 1000+ students to different service in her career.

The course of Anthropology is held in online and offline modes.


Geography–  By Sohan Naresh

A faculty, who has an experience in UPSC for about 10 years.

The course of Geography is held in online and offline modes.

Regarding GS, CSAT, Essay

These are arranged in the following sub courses. Generally, classroom lectures for these are held for two and a half hours every day.

The very innovative and result oriented program is personally designed by Sosin Ma’am. The program is very exhaustive, preparing the student with all the necessary tools and strengths to clear UPSC CSE. The aim of the organization is to


From the day admission is taken the student will be put learning on one on one basis with Sosin Ma’am. This is to prepare him/her to the rigorous preparation to begin shortly. This will help the aspirant take the load through basic learnings


For all the components in GS and CSAT, an orientation is given providing information about what sources to study from and what has to be the approach towards each of them.

  1. NCERTs

Before the actual course commences, all the NCERTs are discussed in the class with practice tests based on them. A complete set of 29 NCERTs is provided to student at the time of admission.


Sosinclasses has a strong team of teachers with incredible track record and national acclaim. The actual course starts after basic aspects are done and all the components are covered based on the UPSC syllabus.


This is a prestigiously and philosophically designed program. It is aimed at addressing the current requirement of UPSC, CSE. The exam of late has attained a much more dynamic nature where a proper understanding of ground-level realities has become mandatory. And hence at Sosinclasses, we make our program with a blend of theory and practice. Once, in any area theoretical knowledge is gained by the student, officers in relative services will take sessions to explain the practicality. This is to make it possible to enhance your scores and finally place you at the top of the selection list.


International Accreditation Organisation is the Organisation that sets standards of the industry. In the case of Sosinclasses, we have got the certification for state of art educational standards and quality. As a certified organization of IAO, Sosinclasses is also entitled to issue educational attainment certificates to its students. Such certificates have international validity giving an edge to the student for getting admissions in named schools for higher education. This will help the student even after getting into Civil Services.


The comprehensive material is provided in print, PDFs and Classroom discussion and dictations


For PRELIM and MAIN—- daily, weekly and comprehensive tests are conducted to give enough practice to students, to ensure their success at UPSC. Personal evaluation and constant mentoring are the hallmarks of this program.



Institute for IAS Examination


Street No -1 Ashok Nagar X Road



  • For any queries call – 9000066690 ,9989966744 .

Course begins from July 29, 2020 (online)


Limited Seats.

Seats allocated on first come first served basis.

Course Curriculum

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  • 170,000.00 150,000.00
  • 270 Days
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